New Clibu Website + easier Beta Signup

We’ve completed the initial Clibu web site and it has been live for over a week now. I am very pleased with how it has come together and feel that it does a good job of getting the message of what Clibu is about out there. The feedback we’ve had so far agrees.

The new site also makes it much easier to sign up and participate in the Clibu Beta program. And it includes social buttons so you can help us let the world know Clibu exists. Please do go and have a look.

We’ve removed a few folks that signed up for the Beta early on but have never tried it or provided us with any feedback. This helps us free up places for new people that are signing up.

The Clibu community forum is starting to get some traction and we encourage you to join in with your suggestions on ways to improve Clibu to meet any specific needs you feel are a good fit.

The new Browser Extension for Clibu is coming along very nicely and as of yesterday is fully functional, which is very exciting. It has much more functionality than the Surfulater Browser Extension, simplifying and streamlining adding new content from the Browser. More on this soon.