Surfulater Version 3.15, Build 0.10 released

Hot on the heals of the V3.15.0.0 release this update addresses an issue in Surfulater V3.15.0.0 and some other older issues which have just been reported. I’ve also put the DBGHelp.DLL back into the Install package so people still using Windows 2000 won’t have a hiccup.

See the Release Notes in the Surfulater Help for more information. This new release of Surfulater is available from our Download Web page.

Finally thanks to everyone for their blog comments, e-mails etc. on the Version release. Now that the major code update has been completed you will start to see more frequent releases again. Don’t forget to keep the conversations going about what you would like to see in future releases. The Suggestion Box in our support forums is always a good place for this.