New Surfulater release, V2.00.10.0 ready and waiting

A slower than I’d like start, release wise for the year, but there is lots happening behind the scenes. As I mentioned in my last blog post one of the most requested Surfulater capabilities has been the ability to select multiple articles in the Knowledge Tree. Well as they say, the wait is now over.

Multiple articles can now be selected and managed in the Knowledge Tree. This enables you to Copy/Cut and Paste multiple articles at once, Drag & drop them, Remove them, Add reciprocal ‘See Also’ references and use ‘Send To’ with them. This works both within and across Knowledge Bases making it easy to move or copy a selection of articles from one KB to another.

Harold Hauer has just posted on our Forums:

I couldn’t wait to try this feature –FANTASTIC!

And Perry Mowbray writes:

Hey 2.00.10 looks great!

Another common request has been to provide folks with a Free Surfulater Reader that anyone could use to view Surfulater Knowledge Bases. Well the good news is we’ve now delivered this with V2.00.10.0.

The plan was to actually create a new product which was just a Reader, much how Adobe Reader works. Ideally this would be a single .EXE file with no installation required. I’d still like to do this, down the track, but for now I’ve opted for a simpler solution. And that is folks download and install the Surfulater Free Trial, which reverts to a Free Reader at the end of the trial period. This gives them the extra benefit of being able to fully evaluate Surfulater, should they want to.

Another related and important change in this release is the ability open and view any Knowledge Base whilst Surfulater is in free trial mode, and not be restricted to just opening the MyKnowledge.Surfulater KB. This enables Surfulater to be used as Free Reader from day one, not just when the trial period is over. It also enables our users to get view access to their content on any PC they want to install Surfulater on, not just their licensed PC’s.

You can see the full release notes for V2.00.10.0 here.