That elusive next release

In an e-mail exchange with Stephane Grenier last week, he made a side comment that I hadn’t written anything on my blog in a bit. All I can say is “my how time flies”. Well in fact I can say a lot more, but that pretty much sums up this past month.

I’ve been an ever elusive day or two away from the next Surfulater release for almost two weeks now. The reason for this is that I’ve made quite few changes under the hood and these have rippled through into various areas, which in turn needed to be updated. All for the better mind you.

If I count the bullet points in the V1.98.0.0 Release Notes, then this looks like the biggest release ever. Mind you I’ve not gone back and counted up all the previous releases, but I think this is a fairly accurate statement.

A few things to look forward to include: The ability to use ‘Send To’ to e-mail etc. all articles in a folder, new options to hide or show various components in the content window, such has hiding item labels, the pencil column or empty fields, the ability to expand and collapse all articles in the content window, updates to the layout in the content window to tighten it up, external access to the style sheet used in the content window so you can control how text is displayed etc., further improvements to Surfulater’s Unicode support, the ability to start minimized, plus lots more.

Even though I’ve been too quiet here, the Forums are as active as ever, especially the Surfulater Customer Forums with over 1,100 posts now. If you’ve purchased Surfulater and haven’t registered on the forums yet, then why don’t you go and do it right now.

I really am closing in on a release wrap now and if all goes according to plan it will be out today. Because of the number of updates and their nature, this release will initially only be available to our Surfulater customers. You will be able to download it from this Surfulater Downloads forum area. 

This release has taken a bit longer than I’d planned, but I have to say I’m very pleased with the end result and hope you are too.

Update: The V1.98.0.0 pre-release is now available. See this forum post for details.