Ok, nearly there now.

The next release of Surfulater, Version 2..20.0.0, is just about finished. To be precise coding has finished, and a reasonable amount of testing has been done. What’s left is to polish up the Release notes, update the Help and do some more testing. Plus write a blog post about the changes and additions in this release. I’ve been remiss in my blog writing of late and hope to do some catchup once this release is out the door.

I guess you’d like a glimpse of what’s new. Well the one big thing which will make many of our users happy, is that I’ve reworked the article editing code so that all fields go into edit mode, not just the chosen one. Adding Asrticles from within Surfulater has also been streamlined. These along with various other enhancements make article editing and adding new articles much easier and quicker. These have been real sticking points for many of you, so expect to find some big improvements in this release.