Clibu Beta V0.65.03 Released. Streamlined Tagging etc.

This latest Clibu release makes it easier to add Tags both to Articles and to the Tags Tree. If you are a heavy Tag user these new features will speed up and simplify your work flow.

The ‘New Tag’ button which is beside the ‘Hide/Show Tags Tree’ button located above the Tags Tree, lets you create a new Tag and add it as a child of any existing tag. Ctrl+G also does  this.

The Tags Tree item menu now includes ‘New child Tag’ which lets you quickly add a Tag as a child of the selected Tag.

The menu also includes ‘New Tagged Article’ which creates a new article tagged with the selected tag.

This release provides a new quick way to add tags to an article from content (words) in the article. Select the text you want to use for the tag and the selection toolbar pops up.

In this example I’ve selected saffron threads. Clicking on the ‘Add Tag’ button adds saffron threads to the tags for this article.

saffron threads doesn’t exist yet so you are given the option to Create it or edit it.

The two screen shots above also show the new look tooltips we’ve implemented in this release. Different colored tips are used in different contexts and along with better positioning enable us to provide more targeted feedback.

The final area I want to highlight is Clibu’s ability to both Rename and to Merge Tags. Merge comes into play when you want to rename a tag and the new tag name already exists.

In this scenario all articles using the original tag are updated to use the new (existing) tag and the original tag is deleted, hence merging the two tags into one.

In my experience some applications allow you to rename a tag, but typically only if the new tag doesn’t exist. This is a pity as the ability to merge similar tags is an important one when it comes to effective tag management.

In this example I want to rename the Tag Harira soup to Harissa soup.

As soon as I finished typing Harissa soup two things happen. First a tip pops up telling me that the tag Harissa soup already exists in the current parent tag Moroccan and second the ‘Rename’ button changes to ‘Merge’, making it clear what will happen if I continue.

With this release we’ve continued to add important new functionality, enhanced existing capabilities and fixed a variety of bugs.

For complete release notes see: Clibu Alpha V0.65.03 Beta released, 23 April 2014

If you are looking for a better way to collect, manage and share information and would like to influence Clibu’s development direction then you should participate in our Beta program. See the Clibu web site for sign-up details.

If you are signed up for the Beta program but are not actively participating in it, you may find that you’ve been removed. Contact us if you want to restore access.

Happy Clibu’ing, Neville

Clibu Beta V0.65.00 Released

Time flies, it has been almost a month since we launched the Clibu Alpha trial. The good news is we’ve now officially progressed from Alpha to Beta release status, which is a big and exciting step. Of course development continues apace with new capabilities added and bugs fixed.

We’ve had some good feedback, but need so much more, so please do get in touch, either by creating a Support Ticket or via. the Clibu Forums, both located at our Clibu Support Center.

If you’ve already been accepted into the Clibu Trial but haven’t had time to try Clibu yet and intend to soon, please let me know, so you aren’t removed from the program.

This release enables you to create ‘See Also’ links to tie related articles together.  Start by selecting the target article by clicking on it’s checkbox.

Clibu Article Selection checkbox

Next select the text in the source article where you want to create the link.

Selection Toolbar with 'See Also' button

Finally click the “Create ‘See Also’ Link” button.  ‘See Also’ links are not restricted to a single Knowledge Base and can link articles across Knowledge Bases.

‘See Also’ links have their own styling as shown here.

A 'See Also' Link

You’ll see another new feature above, the floating toolbar. This is displayed whenever you select some text or click on a link.

When you click on a link, press Ctrl+K or click the ‘Insert a link’ toolbar button when the cursor is on a link, this floating toolbar pops up.

Link Floating Toolbar

From here you can Edit, Remove or Open the link.

Edit Web Link dialog

Editing lets you change the link’s Web address or edit its text. You can also Remove the link here.

These new floating toolbars make it quicker and easier to perform selection and link related tasks. Other new planned text selections capabilities will make further use of floating toolbars.

This covers the most important additions to this, our first Beta release. See the Clibu Release Notes for further details.

– Neville