Surfulater Blog – Major update now live

Following on from launching the new Surfulater Web site and Support Center we have now completed a major update to the Blog. I realized today that the blog has been up and running for over 5 years now. In that time we’ve written 121 Posts,  which have attracted 439 comments.  This is not a lot of posts compared to many blogs out there, but unlike many other blogs, we keep on writing new and hopefully interesting content on a reasonably regular basis.

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A quick glimpse at the new Surfulater Web site

Time to follow up on my last post about the new Surfulater Web site. The Web design company did a fantastic job, I really couldn’t be more pleased. I’ve performed a quick peer review and the feedback clearly indicates that the new site is a big and very worthwhile improvement. The design though is just one part of creating the new site. In essence it forms the template upon which the new site is built.

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We have good news and good news

Following up from my last post I am very pleased to say we found a fantastic web design company for the redesign of our web site. We actually finished up with a short list of a two companies, either of which I am confident would have done a good job. We have been working with the winning designer for a few weeks now and have gone through several iterations. About a dozen people have seen the initial design and the comments we’ve received have been overwhelmingly positive. I have no doubt that the new site will work much better for us than the current site.

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