Surfulater Web Site Makeover

The Surfulater Web site is overdue for a major makeover, both visually and its words. We aren’t doing a good enough job at quickly explaining what Surfulater does and why it can be so useful for people who spend any time doing research.

We also need to do a better job of converting folks who visit the site into happy paying customers. A lot has changed in the art and craft of Web Design since the Surfulater site was developed and the challenge now is to use the latest design techniques to create a better and more effective web site.

A part of this challenge is finding a good web designer or company that meets our needs and budget and is on the same page as me. ie. We understand each other and can communicate effectively. I have a fairly good idea of what I want and have written a Design Brief which has been sent to interested parties. I’ve had a dialogue with about a dozen designers so far and still don’t have one locked in ready to go. The task would be easier if I had a larger budget.

Finding a competent professional to do work for you and that you can afford, regardless of profession, never seems to be easy. At least not for me.

We are going to knock our house down and build a new one. We started talking to builders, architects and designers over six months ago after spending the previous nine months planning this project. We now have a builder and have just signed on a designer, but no plans yet, other than what we’ve designed. This is a much bigger project and journey than creating the new Surfulater Web site. That said I wish the later was moving along somewhat quicker.

If anyone knows of any good web site designers please point them my way.

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