Out with the old and in with the new- new Surfulater site is live

I am pleased and excited to announce the release of the all new Surfulater Web site. The new design is a much simpler, less cluttered and more to the point. But most importantly it is more approachable and does a far better job of conveying what Surfulater does, why you need it and what you can use it for. I’d be the first to admit the original site failed in most all of these respects and the need to replace it has existed for too long.I won’t bore you with a blow by blow description of the design choices we made, the sites implementation details, nor run through the final set of pages. Instead please go and browse the site and come up with your own considered opinion. And of course please let us know if you think we’ve succeeded, if not why not and where further improvements can be made.

I am well aware of certain areas I’d like to see more work done on, and some further pages I’d like to see included. That said the new site is now far enough advanced for it to go live and replace the original site, which is what we’ve done. It is also time to get back to work on Surfulater itself.

Seasoned Surfulater’ers will notice the new Surfulater Support Center, which will in time completely replace the existing support forums. (At least that’s the plan). You will also notice it is devoid of content, which will be addressed as you start new discussions and as we build up the Knowledge Base/FAQ area. I’ll write more about this shortly, suffice to say it was time for a new start with package that better met our collective needs.

Another new and noteworthy addition is our Surfulater Mailing List which we’ll use as yet another way to keep in touch with you. And as a special bonus we are offering subscribers an instant discount when they activate their subscription. This is a great opportunity for your friends and colleagues to start using Surfulater, so please do tell them about it.

As is often the case this turned out to be a bigger project than we envisaged, however I really couldn’t be happier with the final result and with knowing that the core we’ve put together will serve us all well into the future.

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  1. Hi Peter, Thanks for the feedback. Shrunken screen shots are less than ideal, but give you some idea for the real thing. I plan to make a number of these zoom to a full size image when you click on them.

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