What’s coming next Surfulater?

The very short answer to this even shorter blog post is for you to go and have a look at this New Web site I’ve just finished the first cut of and the answer should reveal itself.

After that if you are interested in a sneak peak of a pre-release of Screen Clipper, let me know. You might also want to sign up to be notified when it is released. And if you have friends or colleagues who could be interested in Surfulater, tell them to sign up and take advantage of the special Surfulater discount we currently have on offer.

This is the main new capability coming in the next release, but there is more which we’ll let you know about in due course.

7 Replies to “What’s coming next Surfulater?”

  1. Windows Vista has its free Snipping Tool, which works very well. Except it doesn’t allow you to directly print the clip.

    I hope you’re adding in the ability to print the clip.

  2. Looks good; a very good addition to the Surfulater toolbox!

    Cheers, Alexander
    P.S. By the way, you should do a spell check on the new site (“Novemeber 2009”)

  3. Louis, we may add printing in some future release, but don’t want to stray from being a small, simple, lightweight, no-install application. Of course you can print in Surfulater.

  4. Alexander, thanks. I’ve been using it quite a bit and am surprised just how useful it is.

    Typo fixed. I’m using a CMS for the new site and unfortunately its editor doesn’t include spell check and doesn’t work with the native browser spell checker!

  5. All that I can say is that I am eagerly awaiting the next version. You seem to produce such a stable program — I use Surfulater all the time, and I have never had it crumble. I’m addicted.

    I appreciate your efforts, and I look forward to exploiting new capabilities that you have in your next version.

  6. Looks good although it’s a little late for me as I’ve just invested in Snagit which I run alongside Surfulater. Snagit is a very complete implementation of a screen clip tool, but then it should be as it’s not cheap.

    Keep up the good work!

    Danny Goodall

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