Getting close now

The next Surfulater release is coming along very nicely. The main new feature is the ability to control and create your own style sheets. These are used to control the look of information in the content window. Color Themes (previously color styles) have been removed from the Knowledge Base file and are now in a stand alone XML file, making it easier to add new themes and share them around. These changes lay the groundwork for enhancements to the way article templates work and to make it easier to create new ones or modify existing ones. You can refer back to the article Content styling and templates for more on this.

Other changes are enhancements to the Surfulater SXCF format (see Pushing content into Surfulater from other Programs – Part 1 and Pushing content into Surfulater from other Programs – Part 2) to enable the Folder for the content to be specified, as well as allowing new folders to be created. Also issues with using Surfulater under a Non-Administrator account have been addressed. And the bug mentioned the last blog post has of course been fixed along with a variety of other odds and sods.

It will be nice to let this release see the light of day. A bit more code to write yet and lots of testing to be done to ensure all the changes don’t cause any problems.

I’ll have extremely limited Internet access until later on the 25th of Sep, so you won’t see any comments from me, to your comments, for a few days.

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  1. This sounds like a great release (also one which I’ve been looking forward to!); the ability to create and specify folders will enable lots of neat functionality!

  2. I was just checking into your blog to see how things are progressing. I am really looking forward to the additions that will come with your next update. They will be very handy. Thanks for all your hard work.

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