There is a bug

I found out last week that there is a bug which I introduced in the last release V1.98.4.0 which prevents Surfulater from creating new articles if it isn’t already running. You get an error message saying you need to open a knowledge base, even if there is one open.

I was hoping to get a new release out this week to fix this, however I’m in the midst of various changes which I don’t want to rush and create more problems, when there is a simple work-around. Just ensure Surfulater is running before you capture any content from your Web Browser and you won’t have any problems.

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  1. Greetings, just downloaded (but not installed yet) your Surfulater program.

    Sadly, my beloved Cogitum Co-citer is not functioning on my XP machine though it is supposed to. But, it IS a freeware and I am a believer that you get whatcha’ pay for.

    Seeking a replacement for a program that would allow me to gather and organize infrmation from the Web, I stumbled upon your Surfulater.

    I hope your program functions properly and does the things I want/need.

    For general info purposes…… I like being able to highlight text I want to keep then “right click” for a menu to appear that allows me to save that text in whatever program I am using. Additionally, if the program automatically saves the URL of page where the text was grabbed, great!!!!

    In the pop-up window from the program used that appears when I save the highlighted text it is nice to have a section to add comments.

    Not as important to me but a nice addition is the ability to save pics from the Web page I am on directly into the program.

    Having the program show a panel with the folders and sub-folders I have created (or added when the pop-up window opens) where I can select where I want the new info being added to be stored is so darn handy. Having the option of having a default storage space within the program where I can return later to organize, move, etc the collected data and place it in the proper folder is very handy.

    One primary need is to have a separate entry for each separate Web page where text or other info was grabbed and saved, allowing the separate entries to be moved to where it is wanted such as this folder or that one or, deleted if not wanted.

    Switching gears: I believe that the various creators of utility programs of use to those doing Web research, using the Web to follow a hobby or other interests, have generally failed to inform the general public of the availability of these programs and failed to adequately convey to the masses what these program-types can do, how easy they can be to learn, how affordable they can be, and a whole lot of etceteras.

    One common omission is failing to describe what a particular program can do. Can the user highlight text and save it in a click or two using menues that jump up to ease the task? Can the user select at that time, or later, where the info will be saved? So much is omitted from the Web sites of those selling these program-types.

    Seems that some folks are stuck in the proverbial rut. Do not rely upon the download sites. So many Web users are so far removed from the “tech mentality” that you, the tech-type and programmers and software creator/sellers need to reach out to the HUGE number of Web and computer amateurs who will remain amateurs!!!!

    It is up to you to convey all the aspects of your program, its benefits, how it saves time and organizes this and that and makes so many tasks simpler.

    I will try your program later today. I hope it is what I am seeking. If it is and it is reliable (read about some bugs and problems here and elsewhere but that stuff happens) I will gladly pay the cost for the program.

  2. Thanks for the comment and for trying Surfulater. What you’ve described as your requirements could have formed the basis of the Surfulater specification. I’ll look forward to your comments once you’ve actually used Surfulater and will be surprised if it doesn’t meet your needs.

    With regard to getting the message across about what a program does, or why a web site exists I would agree that often times sites fall short. I’d like to think that the Surfulater web site does not have such shortcomings.

    However there is a need to keep a home page short and to the point otherwise folks get overwhelmed and move on to the next site. The goal is to quickly get people sufficiently interested to investigate other more detailed pages, view the movies, download the software etc.

    One of the problems with a program like Surfulater is that it is potentially of interest to a very broad range of computer users. Anyone who uses a PC and spends time on the Internet would find it a valuable addition to their software toolbox. But how do you market to the masses in an affordable way, and likewise educate them of the value Surfulater delivers. The “Jumping Hurdles” article at discusses this very issue.

    Any further insights you’d care to share would be most welcome.

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