On the Pod with Dan Bricklin

I’ve just finished listening to a G’Day World Podcast with Dan Bricklin. I can’t tell you much I enjoyed listening to Dan being interviewed. The interview covers a lot of ground, starting from the time he wrote VisiCalc right through to what he is doing today.

Many years ago I had the good fortune to talk to Dan and these things tend to stay with you. It was at the time I was in contract negotiations with Lifeboat Software (a division of the US company Programmer’s Paradise) to publish our ED for Windows product. Lifeboat was publishing Dan Bricklin’s Demo program and suggested him as a reference I could call. It took a bit of courage on my part as I new of Dan and all the impressive things he had accomplished. Anyway I did and we had a short but memorable (at least on my part) conversation. After Lifeboat took on ED we exhibited at Comdex, Software Development and other shows, but I never did get to catch up with Dan.

If you have any interest in software development, entrepreneurship or computing in general, I recommend you listen to this Podcast. I hope you get as much out of it as I did.

PS. Dan’s site and Blog can be found at: www.bricklin.com/

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