Surfulater V1.65, B0.0 released

Surfulater V1.65, B0.0 has just been released. One issue that has been on the todo list for a while was to enable images to be copied and pasted from your Web Browser into existing Surfulater articles, in addition to text.

Images have always been stored in Surfulater when you Add new Articles from your Browser, but not when copy and paste was used. Previously a link to the image on its Web site was stored. This meant the image could change or possibly not be displayed at all. This release acquires any images which were selected in the Browser and copied to the Windows Clipboard and stores them away in your Surfulater Knowledge Base.

We’ve just completed an update to the Surfulater Web Shop so it has the same look and feel as the new web site. There have been a few problems with this over the past week or so and we apologize to anyone that experienced difficulties using the shop. The purchasing system integrated into Surfulater was not affected by these issues and remains the easiest and best way to purchase Surfulater.

You will see a new Surfulater Icon in this release, which I think is pretty cool. It has been designed to match the new web site look.

We’ve also fixed a few bugs and done more work below the surface on pending new features.