Supermarkets need to lift their game

I’ve just finished reading an article in yesterdays Melbourne Age Business section about how Australian retailers are way behind in their use of technology and how they need to lift their game to be competitive and keep customers coming back to their stores.

Well I can tell you one really simple thing that they can do that will greatly help retain me as a loyal customer and doesn’t require any high tech expenditure! Simply stop moving the damn goods around to different aisles every few months. Just when your mental map thinks it knows where everything is they go and move stuff. I don’t know, maybe this peculiar to Australia or even Melbourne but it drives me absolutely nuts and wastes my valuable time.

And who dreams up some of these product positioning strategies. I mean is it remotely logical to have toilet paper next to canned fruit. Arghhh! helps small-medium sized businesses strategically use technology to grow their businesses and provides news, articles, discussion boards, resources, analysis & events for the owners of small-medium sized businesses.

I’ve just discovered because, I’m pleased to say they’ve written a glowing review of Surfulater which you can see here.

I’ve not had much time to dig around here yet, but it looks like there is lots of good stuff to read.

Our Web hosting debacle

What a crappy week this has been. We’ve had a Web server with for going on 2 years. Overall they’ve been a great company to host with, but in the later part of last year some some strange things started showing up. Then we heard that Dinix had been either bought out our merged with Web Hosting Plus (WHP). The new owners assured as business would go on as usual and they had lots of experience in these takeovers and migrating our servers. So far so good. Continue reading “Our Web hosting debacle”

Welcome to my cantina

Ok here we go. The buzz these days is about blogs, so like so many who have come before me, I’ve finally stolen some time to start a blog.

I hope you’ll find something of interest here as time goes on and the blog develops. I don’t intend to push a strict regime of posting every day but I will post whenever I have something worthwhile to say.

I look forward to your contributions.