Goal-Free Living With Stephen Shapiro

I did my usual weekend house chores which gives me the opportunity to listen to Podcasts, which is something I relish. I want to recommend a great interview that Michael D. Pollock of Solostream Webstudio did with Stephen Shapiro about his book and web site Goal-Free Living. Stephen talks about how many successful people he’s interviewed don’t …

Ontology is Overrated

Ontology is Overrated is a PodCast I recommend you listen to if you are interested in finding out more about organizing information and why using categories or hierarchical trees is flawed

On the Pod with Dan Bricklin

I’ve just finished listening to a G’Day World Podcast with Dan Bricklin. I can’t tell you much I enjoyed listening to Dan being interviewed. The interview covers a lot of ground, starting from the time he wrote VisiCalc right through to what he is doing today.