On Google

Well the fact of the matter is Surfulater is barely visible on Google (apart from paid ads). So I’ve been been doing some research to try and see how we can rectify this sad state of affairs. It is pretty obvious that if folks can’t easily find Surfulater when they do a Google search, then the chances of them becoming a customer are pretty slim. Continue reading “On Google”

Managing Knowledge Pt 1

I spend a reasonable amount of time reading about and looking at Knowledge Management (KM) style software. Lots of different types of programs can be used or abused into performing knowledge management tasks. These range from storing bits and pieces of information in Word Documents or text files (or PDF files!), to Outliners and Notepads with Trees to structure and categorize information, to ever more complex programs that morph trees and display them as graphs, or in other visually exciting and sometimes useful ways. For example programs like Grokster use circles within circles where you drill down deeper and deeper to see things of interest. (Surfulater customers who visit the forums will have seen threads about this there.) The higher end knowledge management tools tend to be quite complex and expensive beasts indeed. Continue reading “Managing Knowledge Pt 1”

Surfulater V1.60, B0.0 released

Surfulater V1.60, B0.0 has been released. One thing that has been bugging me for a while with Surfulater is that after jumping around from article to article there was no way to backtrack to an article I’d recently seen.

Fortunately I know the developer very well and hold some sway about what gets done and when. So with a small nudge I was able to get a content navigation history list added.

Content history navigation buttons

Now I can move backwards and forwards through a list of the last 30 articles and folders I’ve seen or pick any one from a drop down menu and jump directly to it. This will definitely make revisiting content in my knowledge base easier.

Other changes in this release include the ability to use the Delete key in the knowledge tree, visual tweaks, information about our Web site update, our new Blog and various bug fixes.

Please, please do tell us your Surfulater likes and dislikes. If you’ve looked at Surfulater and decided it isn’t for you, we would greatly appreciate knowing why, and what we can do to accommodate your needs.

Surfulater’s evolution is immutably tied to what you tell us you want, so speak up if you want to have a say.

Information Organisation

David Weinberger writes:

We’ve organized knowledge into trees, from Aristotle to Linnaeus to Dewey. You get a tree by doing the basic thing of lumping and splitting, and then splitting the lumps until you get to a lump that is too unitary or miscellaneous to bear any more splitting. But lumping and splitting has been constrained by physical limitations. For example:

1. A thing has to go in one pile or another. For Aristotle, this was expressed as the Law of Identity (A is A and A is not not-A), a pretty basic rule. Continue reading “Information Organisation”


Smallbiztechnology.com helps small-medium sized businesses strategically use technology to grow their businesses and provides news, articles, discussion boards, resources, analysis & events for the owners of small-medium sized businesses.

I’ve just discovered Smallbiztechnology.com because, I’m pleased to say they’ve written a glowing review of Surfulater which you can see here.

I’ve not had much time to dig around here yet, but it looks like there is lots of good stuff to read.

Our Web hosting debacle

What a crappy week this has been. We’ve had a Web server with Dinix.com for going on 2 years. Overall they’ve been a great company to host with, but in the later part of last year some some strange things started showing up. Then we heard that Dinix had been either bought out our merged with Web Hosting Plus (WHP). The new owners assured as business would go on as usual and they had lots of experience in these takeovers and migrating our servers. So far so good. Continue reading “Our Web hosting debacle”