Surfulater Version 3 Update

Surfulater Version 3 is finished and an early access release is being tested by small group of customers. It has been out for almost a week and no issues have been reported so far, which is good news.

We are working on updates to the Surfulater Web site and Web Shop and these are currently holding back the full public release of Surfulater V3.

This summary of new features and enhancements will give you glimpse of what you will see in V3.0.

  • The ability to Tag Articles using multi-word tags and auto-suggest.
  • A new Tags Tree to access articles by tags and manage tags.
  • The ability to Tag multiple articles at once and remove tags from multiple articles.
  • Template editing lets you rearrange article rows in the order that best suits your needs.
  • A new Firefox Extension which communicates directly with Surfulater.
  • Full Windows Vista IE7 Protected Mode support.
  • The Firefox Extension automatically is installed and updated by Surfulater.
  • Greatly improved Web page capture.
  • New Note Article template added.
  • Better performance when displaying all articles in a folder.
  • Migration to an SQL Database commenced.
  • Expanded context menus.
  • Web Knowledge Base publishing issues fixed.
  • All selected Knowledge Tree articles are now displayed in the content window.
  • Thirty six new images have been added to the Knowledge Tree image selection pallette.
  • The in-built Web Server has been extensively updated and enhanced.

Further all known issues in the V2.9x pre-releases have been resolved.

For the latest information on the Version 3 release see Surfulater Version 3 Released

6 Replies to “Surfulater Version 3 Update”

  1. I am impressed! Can’t wait to try it out 🙂

    What will the upgrade policy be? I am asking mainly because I had taken advantage of a promotion (Bits du Jour I think) and bought three licenses as gifts which I would like to upgrade.

    Cheers, Alexander

  2. @K.C. We do have plans for a Portable USB version of Surfulater, but I can’t speculate on a release date at this time.

    @Alexander. If you purchased in the last 3 months upgrades are free, otherwise they are discounted at 50% off full price. All licensed V3 users will get all V3.x releases for free. As you will be aware all new releases have been free until now.

  3. You’re front website says $56, but your web store says $90 🙂

    .. can’t wait for the new version to come out with all of the fixes!!

  4. Hi Taras,
    Both the Web site and Web shop show $US59 for me. Maybe the $90 is in your local currency. That said the price is going up for V3, which BTW should be released today.

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