The new Surfulater V2.94.0.0 Pre-release

As mentioned a few posts back we have a shiny new Surfulater pre-release available for you to take for spin.

The focus of this release is the new  Tags dialog, which I blogged about in Tags – we need your help. Part 1.  Avi has written several follow on posts: Tags and Whitespace – more feedback requested, Tag Management Part III – adding new tags (I’m not sure what happened to Part II) and Tag Management – Live Example Page

We’ve received a lot of great feedback, which we thank you very much for. And we look forward to more.

After weighing things up we’ve settled on using the combined Add and Remove Tags dialog implementation I presented in Part 1, with a change to the Keep column, making it Remove, as suggested by Craig Prichard.

Avi has put together a sample presenting various alternate combinations (18 I think he said) in his Tag Management – Live Example Page post. Do comment on these.

In case you haven’t been following the recent flurry of recent articles, the new  Add and Remove Tags dialog enables you to quickly add new tags to a group of selected articles and remove tags from them. I don’t want to repeat the earlier discussions here, so please go and read those posts for details.

The Surfulater Help Topic: The Basics | Tags and Tagging Articles has been updated to cover the new Add and Removes Tags dialog and the Release Notes in the Help cover some of the other changes in this release. There is more going on under the cover, but we aren’t quite ready to talk about them yet.

Without further ado you can download the new release here.


4 Replies to “The new Surfulater V2.94.0.0 Pre-release”

  1. Heh, the whitespace blog post was supposed to be Part II… or perhaps there is a secret post somewhere that even I, the poster, don’t know about!


  2. Hi,

    1.- This forum is a bit difficult to follow…could we regroup everything and put it just in one place?

    2. Found some problems
    a) The possibility to add a new tag to several articles works OK in TREE view and NOT in TAG view…(no way to multiselect in tag view)

    b) The vertical slide shown in the tag list after pressing the down arrow cannot be sled…it vanishes upon clicking on it and closes the dropdown list of tags

    c) IT WOULD BE A SENSATIONAL IDEA to be able to tag ALL or SOME articles from the Search Results articles!!! (not possible actually)
    This last one would be fantastic as it opens a whole lot of possibilities…

    Best regards and, as always, CONGRATULATIONS Nev!!!


  3. Hi Tom,
    In the next release you can select multiple articles in the Tags Tree and Tag Articles in the Search Results Folder. These didn’t quite make it into V2.94.

    Thanks for the bug report with the scroll bar.

  4. Hi Neville,

    WOW, this is good news…. Beeing able to work with Search Results might be really powerful…cannot wait to get my hands into that…

    May I add some suggestions?
    A) I know you have FOLDER articles… I don’t know if that is a good idea to keep them. (A first article can be the replacement).
    C) Perhaps replace the keyword field (eliminate it) for tag field. I mean here that if you have a tagging possibility, it is far more powerful than keywords, and (conceptually) they are the same!!!

    Best of luck and…wow again!

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