New Year – New Release

The first release for 2008, Version 2.52 Build 10.0 is now available for download. This is primarily a maintenance update to address some issues with the new Web KB Publishing capability. It also includes two new, user contributed, article templates, “Texts and Authors” by Edwin Relf and “Quotation” by Ed Taylor. Full release notes are in the Help and online.

Looking ahead the plan is to immediately commence work on implementing Tags, as I mentioned in my last blog post and to incorporate a new SQL Database Engine. Tags will be the first use of the new database, with other areas to follow.

Tags and the move to SQL are both very interesting new developments for Surfulater, which I’m sure will hold us in good stead for important and impressive new releases during 2008. Thanks to everyone for your continued great support and I look forward to working with you all to continue to evolve Surfulater in the year ahead.