Another great new Surfulater release is imminent

In case you are wondering what is happening in the world of Surfulater right now I have good news and good news. The next release is very, very close with important new features such as the ability to Import Bookmarks from Browsers and from a range of Bookmarking programs including Linkman, Compass and PowerMarks, along with a new Bookmark article template and a range of other goodies. The release notes are shaping up to be the longest so far!

This is a partial screen grab of the new Bookmark template:

Bookmark Template

This release has taken on a bit of a life of its own and because of that it is coming out later than scheduled. This has also put me behind on posting here on the blog which is really frustrating as I’m bursting with things I want to write about.

The bottom line is that I’m wrapping up the last few loose ends, then I need to update the Help and then release. I’ll be disappointed if it isn’t released by the end of this week.

2 Replies to “Another great new Surfulater release is imminent”

  1. Looking forward to it.Yeah,don’t let this blog go stale,it’s how i keep up with it’s releases.
    Keep up the good work.

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