Surfulater V1.95, B0.10 released

I started writing about the new Surfulater release a few hours ago, and that turned into One or many Knowledge Bases and Tree Filters, so here I am again.

The reason I wrote about whether to use one or many knowledge bases, relates to the most important new feature in this release, which is the ability to copy or move folders and articles from one knowledge base to another. This has been needed ever since I updated Surfulater to enable you to use multiple knowledge bases.

A message I received earlier today from David Britton sums this up nicely.

THANK YOU SO MUCH for this latest version, especially the ability to cut and paste articles between databases.

I have a lot of databases that need consolidating and better organization, and now I can do that.

I don’t tend to plan ahead very well, so the ability to clean up things after several research binges is very welcome.

David R. Britton Jr.

I suggest you read the Help Topic Copy/Move Articles & Folders across Knowledge Bases before using this new feature.

Other enhancements in this release, include the ability to expand and collapse the entire tree or all folders in a branch, the ability to only show articles for a given folder, so that it is easier to move articles around in the tree, reorganization and updates to the Help, plus other bits and pieces as documented in the Release Notes which are here and in the Surfulater Help.

While I was writing the previous article I discovered a nasty bug in yesterdays V1.95.0.0 release where Surfulater would  crash when you copied or moved an article in the tree. I couldn’t believe my eyes when this happened. It was caused by a a silly oversight I made while writing the code to copy across databases. The good news is it was easy to fix, as you can see by this rapid release of V1.95.0.10 which can be downloaded here.

6 Replies to “Surfulater V1.95, B0.10 released”

  1. These new features are another testiomony to your responsiveness to the needs of users. Keep up the great work!

  2. This is not just for you, but for all mISV bloggers: if you are blogging about a new release, please include a link to the downloadable trial version. In fact, I could not even find a link to your product from this page at all. I have to manually type in ‘’ in the address bar. I think that that’s a shame.

  3. Lena, thanks for the comment and the very good point you make. I’ve updated the blog post accordingly and will address this in future posts.

  4. Great product, I love it. I would like to make one suggestion.
    Or maybe I can do this now. To filter on highlighted text. In doing research I will be reading through and highlighting text that is useful for what I am doing.

    I would be great to filter on only highlighted text to then move it to another page

  5. Hi Campbell, great to get your feedback – thanks.

    I must say this is a new suggestion and one I’d certainly not thought of. By filter do you mean to see only articles that include highlighted text, say in the Search Results folder?

    I wonder how useful this would be though, once you have lots of articles with highlighted text.

    I’ll be introducing keywords or tags soon, which may better meet your needs here.

    I am also planning a range of Filters whereby you will only see certain articles in the Knowledge Tree. I’ve touched on this in various Blog articles including and in the Support Forums at:

    These discussions are better handled over in our Forums. If you haven’t registered for Forum access yet please do so.

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