New Surfulater release imminent

Folks reading this blog will know we’ve recently returned from a great trip to Europe. Jet lag hit me worse than I can recall, but things are well and truly back in full swing now.

The good news is that I’ve implemented some of your most requested items of the past few months, namely Printing and Article Sorting.

I’ve been a bit surprised at the number of requests for printing so I’m sure those concerned will be anxiously awaiting the new release. As well as printing there is the usual Print Preview and Page Setup capabilities along with some other updates and additions.

If all goes to plan you will see a release next week, that being the week starting 7 Nov 2005.

If you haven’t visited the blog in a while you will see that I’m back into posting again, after a bit of a lull while we were away. I hope you find something of interest while browsing around.

As always comments most welcome, whether they be about Surfulater, the Blog, PKM or whatever takes your interest.

I just did a spell check before publishing this for the world to see and thought I share this with you:
imminent: hanging threateningly over one’s head. I certainly hope that’s not the case.

4 Replies to “New Surfulater release imminent”

  1. Congratulations Neville, I remember how floored I was by jet lag when I came back to the UK after 3 months in the US, and how good it felt to get the first new release finished.

  2. Thanks Gavin. A friend went to Italy for 6 weeks last year and he told me it took him 6 months to get back into the swing. Maybe he drank too much great Italian wine. Anyway I was somewhat concerned about this and am pleased to say it only took me 2 weeks.

    The problem for us Australians is everywhere is so far away. We’re talking 26-30 hours travel time from Melbourne to say Paris. I’ve travelled to Europe a number of times, but this was the worst as far as getting my body clock back in sync. Interestingly we had no problems on the way over.

    We had a great 2 months travelling around but it is good to be back writing code again and doing all the things we uISV’s do. And yes good to get the releases rolling again.

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