ZDNet gives Surfulater a welcome boost

Interest in Surfulater has reached a new high this past week, which is very welcome indeed. It is difficult for small companies to get the message out, about new products. We don’t have big PR budgets, don’t wine and dine with the big end of town and tend not to have amassed close contacts with industry movers and shakers.

Companies like mine, who have been in business for a long time, quickly loose touch with journalists and editors we know unless we are pushing out press on a regular basis, which we aren’t. And as I’ve written here recently, getting ranked well on Google is a challenge unto itself.

Now to get to the chase, we had a boost of sales, inquiries and folks entering our competition, all in the last few days. After a bit of digging (web stats didn’t help) I found out the ZDNet mentioned Surfulater in their weekly e-mail newsletter, ZDNet Download Digest. It even took pride of place as the first product mentioned. ZDNet seem to have various sites, but the main one with Surfulater is here.

The Download.com review gave Surfulater 4 stars which is good. The review mentioned a few issues, which we are addressing. I’d certainly like to know the specifics of the error they got though, and will attempt to find out.

I have no idea how this came about, but I’m so thankful that it did because we’ve been able to reach a whole bunch of people we may never otherwise have. And we’ve got some great new Surfulater customers, who are very pleased they found out about us.

PS. Thanks Mark for sending me the newsletter.