Surfulater V1.70, B0.0 released

There has been interest in being able to grab images from other programs and paste them into Surfulater articles. For example copying an image from a Microsoft Word document and pasting it into Surfulater. This is obviously a good idea and opens Surfulater up even further in its ability to organize your information, regardless of where it comes from.

In the previous release I addressed the issue where images copied from your Web Browser and pasted into Surfulater weren’t actually being acquired. In this release I’ve gone a lot further and enable you to copy image files located on your hard drive, copy images from other programs such as MS Word, Paint Shop Pro etc. and use Copy Image in Mozilla Firefox and paste these into Surfulater. I for one am pleased with how well this is all working.

The next logical step is to let Surfulater store other types of files for you. For example you may have a PDF file you want to attach to a Surfulater article, a ZIP file or an MS Word document. Expect to see this capability soon.

One problem that has been with us all along is where captured Web content would sometimes appear all messed up in Surfulater. For those who are into the nitty gritty of HTML, this would happen when the content selected in your Web Browser included an incomplete TABLE. I’ve done quite a bit more work on this and all the test cases I have are now handled properly. If you see any more strange layout problems do let me know.

Another anticipated new feature which will be coming soon is the ability to highlight or markup selected content in Surfulater articles. Stay tuned.

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  1. Thanks Louis. I’d like to think we’ve always been going in the right direction though. 😉

  2. You will soon be able to store so much information with Surfulater, that it will only be a matter of time before Google make some amazingly generous offer to buy you out.

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